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The US Could slow the withdrawal from Afghanistan: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The Hill

1. Afghanistan is facing increased violence and the Taliban has captured more than 30 districts in the north since the US and NATO prepare to pull back their troops.

2. The hardline Islamist group has also seized military equipment and killed and captured dozens of troops.

3. But the Afghanistan government has denied this and said that the military was evacuated in a "tactical withdrawal". The Taliban say they have captured all provinces of Kunduz except the provincial capital retained by the government.

4. On seeing these developments, the US military has said it could slow down its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

5. Pentagon spokesman said the deadline for a full withdrawal will be the same but the pace may change.

6. Afghan President says government forces are fully capable of keeping insurgents at by but many believe that the Taliban may again control Afghanistan.

7. The US assures support to Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops but not militarily.

8. Pakistan also wishes to be a partner with the US in keeping peace in Afghanistan but was refused to have a US base.

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