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The US, UK and Australia announce security pact

Picture Courtesy: The Herald

The US, UK, and Australia have announced the formation of a security pact to share advanced defense technologies. This is seen as an effort by the developed nations to counter the growing influence of China.

The pact has been named Aukus and will cover a wide range of technological knowledge sharing including artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and cyber. The pact will also enable Australia to develop nuclear-powered submarines for the first time.

Lately, China is growing power and military presence in the Indo-Pacific region, which is worrisome for many nations. Although British officials insisted that the space is not about keeping China in check, the UK government did say it is about ensuring prosperity, security, and stability in the region and supporting a peaceful "rules-based order”.

The leaders of the three nations, President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a joint statement. The statement said, "As the first initiative under Aukus... we commit to a shared ambition to support Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. This capability will promote stability in the Indo-Pacific and will be deployed in support of our shared values and interests.”

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