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The Vatican thinks homosexuality is a sin, Pedophilia not so much: What you need to know

- Back in October 2020, in an unprecedented move, Pope Francis said in his documentary "Francesco" that he believes homosexual couples should be allowed to be joined in a civil union.

- Today, in a very contradictory statement, Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, in a combative statement approved by Pope Francis that threatens to widen the abyss between the catholic church and the LGBT community.

- The decision is a setback for Catholics who had hoped the institution would modernize its approach to homosexuality.

- Based on a Gallup survey, 1 in 6 Gen Z adults self-identify as LGBT.

- More and more people, mostly the younger generation will start seeking a safer, more loving institution that protects and endorses them. Whether it is religious or NOT.

- LGBT people DO NOT need the blessing of a Pope.

- You know what we want to see, is the Vatican addressing the 1700 priests and clergy that are accused of child sex abuse in churches around the globe.

- The LGBT community will not serve as a distraction from the Catholic church child abuse scandal. Gays don't think God will bless those abusing kids either, even if they dress in white!

United States Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg's husband, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg tweeted today:

"Love is love. Gay marriage is legal. The Pope isn’t your County Clerk. Register for the fancy sheets and wine glasses. Peace and blessings."

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