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Thieves Steal C$20M in Toronto airport gold heist

Picture: Getty Images

Canadian authorities are investigating a major theft of gold and valuables worth over C$20m ($15m, £12m) at Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is often used as a hub for shipping gold mined in Ontario.

The incident occurred on 17 April, when an aircraft container carrying the goods arrived at the airport and was transported to a cargo holding facility. Police believe the heist took place there.

This theft could be one of the biggest in Canadian history, alongside the 2011 and 2012 Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, where $18.7m worth of syrup was stolen from a storage facility in Quebec.

The police inspector leading the investigation has stated that their team is exploring all possible leads and that the incident was isolated and rare. However, officials have not revealed which airline shipped the cargo, where it was from, or where it was destined for. The investigation is ongoing.

According to Peel Regional Police inspector Stephen Duivesteyn, the public is not at risk due to the gold heist at Toronto Pearson International Airport, stating "We do not consider this a public safety matter." However, police have not yet confirmed whether or not organized crime groups were involved, as reported by the Toronto Sun. Inspector Duivesteyn stated that investigators are keeping an open mind and exploring all angles in the investigation.

The airport clarified that the thieves did not enter the airport itself, but gained access to a warehouse leased to a third party, outside of the airport's primary security line. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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