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This is our 9/11, Hamas went for babies, grandmothers: Israel Defense Forces

Photo AFP

The United States is currently reviewing Israeli requests for extra military assistance in the wake of the extensive Hamas attack and has indicated that an official announcement is probable on Sunday.

Blinken additionally mentioned that the United States is actively investigating reports regarding the potential loss of American lives or the capture of US citizens in the unexpected assault. This attack has resulted in the deaths of over 600 Israelis and has led Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to officially declare his nation at war with the Palestinian militant group.

Blinken referred to a memorandum of understanding inked during the tenure of former President Barack Obama, outlining a commitment to furnish Israel with $3.8 billion annually in military assistance from the United States.

"We are currently examining specific additional requests made by the Israelis," he mentioned during his appearance on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. "I believe you can anticipate further information on this later today."

Blinken emphasized, "These are still early days," during an interview on CBS's Face the Nation. "Israel's primary objective is to guarantee the safety of its citizens within Israel, and subsequently, it is resolute in taking measures to prevent a recurrence of such events."

On Saturday, President Joe Biden conveyed that he has explicitly communicated to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the United States' readiness to provide "all suitable forms of support" to the Israeli government and its citizens.

The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson, Richard Hecht, likened the situation to being Israel's equivalent of the 9/11 tragedy and even more significant.

The toll in Israel has now surpassed 600, encompassing both soldiers and civilians. Israel's retaliatory actions in the Gaza Strip have led to approximately 300 fatalities, with an additional 1,500 individuals sustaining injuries.

Hamas held numerous individuals' captive, including women, children, and the elderly, and transported them back into the Gaza enclave with the intention of using them as leverage for potential exchanges involving Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the nation was in a state of war and vowed to impose a substantial cost on its adversaries. Netanyahu cautioned that this conflict might endure for an extended period. Hamas, in response, also expressed readiness for a protracted struggle.

Egypt engaged in dialogue with both parties, but Israel did not appear receptive to a ceasefire at this particular juncture.

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