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Three people killed in a knife attack in Germany: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

  1. Three people were killed in the German city of Würzburg on Friday night after a knife attack. All three people were women. The incident happened around 5 pm local time.

  2. According to reports, a Somali immigrant got hold of a knife from a departmental store in the city and started stabbing people inside the store. After that, he went out and started attacking people.

  3. Five women and a child were also injured in the attack on the street and a bank. Injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

  4. Police said that the attacker was psychologically unstable and may have had extremist beliefs.

  5. The suspect was shot by the police before getting arrested. He was living in a homeless shelter which was later searched by the police for possible contacts. The attacker had some previous police records, none of which were related to terrorism.

  6. An eyewitness said that the attacker shouted "Allah Akbar” while conducting the attacks.

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