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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Opening ceremony begins at Tokyo Stadium: What you need to know

The Tokyo Olympic Games kicked off with much fanfare but in an almost empty stadium while the entire world is battling with a pandemic. The audience for the show is almost entirely virtual - will have less than 1,000 spectators including Olympic officials, journalists and dignitaries such as First lady Jill Biden in the stands.

Although these games were to be organized in 2020, due to the COVID-19, were deferred for 2021. Despite all the bottlenecks, Japan was determined to host these games.

11,000 real participants from 205 countries are participating in the Tokyo Olympics. The 17 days long Tokyo Olympics will feature 339 events from 33 different sports. The theme of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is Moving Forward with the message of defeating Corona.

The majority of the program is made up of the "Parade of Athletes" which welcomed competitors arriving from across the world.

The ceremony preached a message of unity in adversity while showcasing Japanese traditions and culture recognized across the globe-tradition that include anime and video games. Japanese celebrities performances left the audience spellbound and His highness the Emperor of Japan also graced the occasion.

The main stage was meant to symbolize Mt Fuji. The podium is reminiscent of a fan, with a patron mean to symbolize a prayer for growth and prosperity. When the athletes stepped in the stadium, the sound of video game theme music welcomed them.

The ceremony featured pictograms symbolizing different sports that were first used during the 1964 games.

A section of people because of the epidemic protested outside the stadium against the holding of the games.

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