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Train accident in Pakistan kills 30: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Sawt Beirut International
  • Sad news coming from Pakistan as two trains collided on early Monday in Southern Pakistan Sindh region killing 30 people and injuring many.

  • According to officials, Millat Express derailed and the Sir Syed Express train hit it soon after. However, it is not clear what was the issue which caused the Millat Express to derail.

  • At the time of this article, reports suggest about 15-20 people are still trapped inside the wreckage and they are crying for help.

  • The people from villages nearby are assisting the authorities to pull the people from the wreckage. After four hours, there was heavy machinery deployed at the scene to rescue the people.

  • There is footage showing multiple ambulances at the scene which are transporting the victims to nearby hospitals.

  • According to a resident, there are more than 100 people who are injured and he saw at least 30 dead bodies.

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