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Trains collide in Greece killing 32, injuring 85

Picture: AP

A passenger train carrying over 350 people collided with a freight train in Tempi, central Greece, near the city of Larissa, resulting in the deaths of 32 individuals and more than 85 injuries on Tuesday night, just before midnight, according to the Greek Fire Service.

A male passenger reported that they heard a loud bang, and the train car spun before ending up sideways, allowing them to escape, as per the Greek public broadcaster ERT.

Recovery efforts are underway, with a focus on the first two carriages of the passenger train, and the death toll is anticipated to increase. The passenger train had been en route from the capital Athens to Thessaloniki,

Greece's second-largest city, known for its lively cultural scene and festivals, following a nationwide carnival that ended with a public holiday on Monday.

Vassilis Varthakogiannis, a spokesperson for the Greek Fire Service, reported that 194 passengers were safely transported to Thessaloniki, with 20 others transferred to Larissa by bus. He also mentioned that 85 people were injured, with 53 still receiving medical care in hospitals. The rescue operation involves 150 firefighters, 17 vehicles, and 40 ambulances, according to Varthakogiannis.

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