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Trapped In Vehicles After Snowstorm, 22 People Die In Pakistan: What you need to know

Picture courtesy: NDTV

At least 21 people, including nine children, froze to death in their stranded vehicles due to unprecedented snowfall and rush of tourists to the town in Punjab province of Pakistan. All the routes in Murree in Rawalpindi district were blocked after thousands of vehicles entered the city, leaving the tourists helpless on the roads.

Murree, about 70 kilometres (45 miles) northeast of Islamabad, has long been popular for day trips from the capital. Over 100,000 cars had entered the scenic town of Murree in the past few days to see the unusually heavy snowfalls, causing an enormous traffic jam on roads leading in and out, a police spokesman said.

The Punjab government has imposed a state of emergency in hospitals, police stations and administration offices.

According to a list issued by Rescue 1122, at least 22 people died, including 10 children, it said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was shocked and upset at the tragic deaths of tourists on the road to Murree.

The Punjab province chief minister's office said Murree had been declared a "disaster area" and urged people to stay away.

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