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Trending in Tech: The hype around ‘Quite Quitting’ facing backlash

Picture Courtesy: How to live

The term ‘Quite Quitting’ has been gaining momentum on social media platform like TikTok lately. The term means not to actually quit your job, but doing less at work—perhaps refusing to work overtime or answer emails outside of work hours.

There is an ongoing debate, where many industry leaders have also pitched in. The people against it say that it hampers the individual growth of a person. If the employee is not ready to go above and beyond, then it will make them lazy and less productive. However, on the contrary, the people who favour it say that it means saying no to extra work without extra pay. They also say that by ‘Quite Quitting’ the employees are preventing the burnout by doing less work.

With some bosses pushing back against quite quitting, saying that going beyond your duties in an essential part of your job, many workers are heaping the scorn not he term itself, calling out the irony of doing a 9-5 job and calling it quitting.

Many news media outlets have interviewed many employees about their thoughts on quiet quitting. Most employees think that even if they perform well and go above and beyond, it is never enough for their employer. They say they always get ‘average’ rating even after spending extra hours at their job. With ‘Quite Quitting’ they are essentially stopping their need for validation from their bosses.

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