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UK lockdown update: What you need to know

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Boris Johnson
Picture courtesy : AP News

On Monday, February 22nd, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson layed out a four step plan to ease the strict lockdown measures in the country which came into effect starting January 4th.

Step one would start on March 8th, which includes opening up of schools and further allowing people to meet in groups of six starting March 29th.

Step two, which is expected to begin on April 12th, will include opening up of non-essential services like hairdressers, gyms, museums and zoos.

Step three starts on May 17th, which is targeted in removing most social distancing rules. People would be able to attend live outdoor events and larger gathering will be permitted.

Finally, step four, expected to start on June 12th, aims to remove more social restrictions and people will be able to return to night clubs. Weddings will not have any limitations and events such as music festivals will be permitted.

Currently UK leads the vaccination process in the Europe. More than 16 million people have received the first dose as of mid of February.

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