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Ukraine crises: UN orders more evacuations from Mariupol on Friday

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

The UN has ordered more evacuations from Mariupol on Friday as many civilians are still trapped inside the steelworks plant. UN chief Antonio Guterres said everything should be done to "get people out of these hellscapes".

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his forces will allow safe passage to civilians if the Ukrainian fighters holding the plant surrender. He has already declared victory in Mariupol, ordering his forces to seal off the sprawling industrial site.

The Ukrainian President Zelensky dressed the attack on the city in his address saying, "Just imagine this hell. And there are children! More than two months of constant shelling, bombing, constant death nearby.” The Kremlin denied its forces had tried to storm the plant and insisted that a humanitarian corridor was open as part of a three-day ceasefire that started on Thursday.

According to reports there are still around 200 civilians trapped and 20 of them are children. The food and water supplies inside the plant is dwindling fast.

The Russian forces launched its invasion of Ukraine 10 weeks ago but has not yet gained full control over any of Ukraine's major cities.

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