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Ukraine-Russia conflict: Chemical plant bombed in Severodonetsk, residents warned to stay in shelter

Picture Courtesy: Luhansk military administration/Telegram

The eastern Ukrainian city in the Donbas region, Severodonetsk has come under extreme bombardment by Russian forces. According to reports Russian forces are trying to establish complete control over the city. The General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces updated a post on Facebook saying, “The enemy is trying to establish complete control over… Severodonetsk and surround [Ukrainian forces].”

A nitric acid tank at Azot chemical works has been hit by a Russian airstrike, Luhansk governor Serhiy Haidai has said on messaging app Telegram. The plant is one of Ukraine’s biggest chemical works, and pre-war, it has been employing around 7,000 people, according to TASS. Local residents in the frontline city of Severodonetsk, in Luhansk, have been warned not to leave bomb shelters and urged to prepare masks to protect themselves against toxic fumes.

The explosion of a nitric acid container in Severodonetsk is thought to have been caused by an airstrike, Luhansk's regional governor Serhiy Haidai says. He said, “There was allegedly an airstrike on the chemical plant in Severodonetsk which hit the tank with the remains of nitric acid.”

According to reports there are 15,000 residents who are stuck in the city with no evacuation plan in place. "Russians provide no humanitarian corridors," Regional governor said.

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