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Ukraine-Russia conflict: Russia strikes the cities of Lutsk and Dnipro

Picture Courtesy: Ukraine State Emergency Services

Reports are coming in that Russia has attacked two cities namely Lutsk and Dnipro in Ukraine which are on the opposite sides of the country. Ukrainian TV and media outlets are reporting explosions in Lutsk in the northwest, as well as in Dnipro - an inland city located on the river Dnieper and a major stronghold in central-eastern Ukraine.

According to local media reports, an airfield and a factory in Lutsk. The mayor of Lutsk confirmed that the blasts took place near the city airfield. He has urged the citizens to find shelter as soon as possible.

The Mayor wrote in a Facebook post, "Everyone into shelter!”. Three blasts were reported in the city of Dnipro.

According to early reports, one person has died in the city of Dnipro. Ukraine's State Emergency Services (SES) said, "At about 6.10 AM... there were three airstrikes in the city, hitting a kindergarten and an apartment building.”

Ukraine’s ministry of defense has in its latest update claimed that Ukrainian prisoners of war are being approached to fight for Russian forces, due to an urgent need to replenish depleted units in the south-eastern region of Rostov.

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