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Ukraine-Russia war: Ukraine plans to target Russian troops at nuclear plant

Picture Courtesy: BBC

Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky, during his nightly address on Saturday said that any soldier firing on or from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant would become "a special target" for Ukraine. He accused Russia of turning the nuclear plant into a Russian army base. Russia gained control of the plant in March this year.

This is largest nuclear plant in Europe and is located in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikopol. Ukrainian technicians still operate it, despite the site being under Russian occupation.

During his address President Zelensky said, “Every Russian military officer who either shoots at the plant, or shoots under the cover of the plant, must understand that he becomes a special target for our intelligence, for our special services, for our army.”

On Thursday, foreign minsters from the G7 group of industrial democracies demanded that Russia withdraw from the site immediately. The warning was supported by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which called for an end to "all military activities that endanger nuclear security”.

Russia has denied any wrongdoing at the plant, and Vladimir Rogov, a Moscow installed local official, wrote on Telegram that Ukrainian forces were shelling the plant.

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