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US bans more Chinese companies: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

1. The US is now taking stricter measures on the repressive campaign being run against Uyghur's Muslims and other minorities in China.

2. The Joe Biden government has banned the entry of Chinese essentials goods in the energy sector to prevent trade relations with China. Now the sale and purchase of Chinese material used in the solar panel will not be possible in the US market.

3. After this decision of The US government, the customs and border protection department (CBP) is looking to ban the order of Hoshine silicon industry limited and its subsidiaries. This ban will be imposed under the law prohibiting the import of goods produced by bonded labor.

4. The US commerce Ministry will also blacklist six companies making raw materials and components for solar panels so that these companies cannot access the US market.

5. However, this move of the US government will make it difficult to meet the country's renewable energy goals.

6. The US secretary of state said that our environmental goals will not be met by ignoring the human community forced into bonded labor. We are moving to end bonded labor and use alternative products in its place.

7. Global powers have shown solidarity in protest against the repressive policies being adopted against Muslim minorities in China's Xingjian province. This action of the US is being considered as a step in this direction.

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