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US Supreme Court issues ruling on Texas abortion law, gives providers a narrow victory

Picture Courtesy: BBC

The US supreme court issued its ruling on the Texas abortion law on Friday. Texas abortion law bars the procedure after around six weeks of pregnancy. The justices left the law as is, but said that the procedure providers had the right to challenge the law in federal court.

This ruling by Supreme Court means that the case will return to a district court for more proceedings, opening up the possibility that the law could soon be suspended.

Although this ruling does give the providers a narrow victory as they can challenge the law in court, it limits which state officials can be sued. This law also makes it difficult for providers to prevent any future lawsuit against them for performing abortions in the state of Texas.

Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch emerged as the strongest defender of Texas' argument, while Elena Kagan expressed the most criticism. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wondered if other states might copy the law to restrict other rights concerning such issues as gun control and free speech.

With an 8-1 vote, the court allowed the providers’ challenge to move forward against some state officials, but they divided 5-4 on whether other officials could be sued.

Source: CNN

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