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Virginia Elections: Tight race seen as referendum on President Biden

Picture Courtesy: CNBC

The tight Governor race in the state of Virginia is seen as a referendum on President Biden’s policies. In the closing race with the political parties have put in their best efforts to please the voters. Both nominees and current and former Presidents have pointed to how the race has national significance and could set the tone for next year’s midterm elections.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, 64, is eyeing a second term in the governor's mansion. He has faced a spirited challenge from businessman Glenn Youngkin, 54, a political novice who has energized Republican voters in recent weeks. According to polls, the race between the two is tight and the election can go either way.

Throughout the campaign, Republicans have rallied against coronavirus mandates, inflation, and high gas prices. Some Democrats are conflicted over the White House's policies, dampening the enthusiasm of voters.

Picture Courtesy: Fox News

According to the FiveThirtyEight website, the approval rating for President Biden is sagged at 43%, even though Biden won Virginia by more than 10 points.

Scott Nolan, 57, from Reston in Fairfax County, told the BBC, "After three generations of military service in my family, I'm not sure I could recommend service to my sons. I don't see a will on the part of the country to keep them safe anymore.” He said that his support for Glenn Youngkin has little to do with the pullout, but what happened in the final days of the war was emblematic of a larger issue: the end of a contract with America.

Republican Glenn Youngkin said on the trail on Monday, "The entire nation is watching this ... there are only two statewide elections this year, New Jersey and Virginia, and all eyes are on Virginia. The nation needs us to vote for them too.” After former President Donald Trump endorsed Youngking, his Democrat counterpart said, "Trump has now endorsed him for the tenth time today. What does that tell you? The little MAGA people, not as excited as you thought.”

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