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Volcano in Iceland erupts: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : BBC

A volcano, situated not far from the capital of Iceland Reykjavik, erupted on Friday. Here is everything we know about the situation:

  1. The volcano is located about 25 miles away from the capital city Reykjavik.

  2. A no-fly zone has been established in the area and the people are told not to visit the area as the area itself is mostly uninhabited.

  3. The Meteorological Office received the notification at 9.40 pm GMT post which the police arrived at the area.

  4. The volcano eruption is effusive, i.e. the lava steadily flows out of the ground as opposed to having an explosive eruption.

  5. Iceland's Keflavik International Airport is just a few miles away from the volcano however, the eruption is not expected to present any danger.

  6. The last eruption in the Reykjanes region dates back to 800 years. Recently there has been numerous seismic activity recorded in the area, more than 50,000.

  7. Iceland has currently 32 active volcanic systems.

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