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Walmart to pay $125 million as it fired an employee with Down syndrome: What you need to know

· A federal jury had found Walmart guilty in a disability-discrimination case as it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it fired an employee with Down syndrome related to her work schedule.

· After a four day trial in Wisconsin, the jury awarded Marlo Spaeth $125 million in damages. Before her termination, she worked at Walmart for 16 years.

· A Walmart spokesperson told the verdict was expected to be reduced to $ 300,000 which is the maximum amount allowed under federal law.

· The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission represented Spaeth and said that a change in her previous working schedule caused her a 'significant difficulty 'and denied her request to revert to prior work schedule through 60-90 minutes adjustment rather she was fired.

· The Walmart spokesperson said that the demands of EEOC's were unreasonable.

· Last year also Walmart paid $20 million to settle an EEOC lawsuit that said that a physical-abilities test disproportionately excluded female applicants from jobs as grocery order fillers.

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