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Website of Ransomware gang REvil disappears from internet : What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Reuters
  • On Tuesday, the website of the ransomware gang REvil suddenly disappeared from the internet. The group was responsible for recent cyber attacks on businesses worldwide.

  • The reason for this sudden disappearance is not known yet, however, speculations are going on that this might be retaliation by the authorities.

  • The US President Joe Biden discussed the issue with his Russian counterpart in Geneva last month. He also had a telephonic conversation with him last Friday as to how to tackle the issue of growing cybercrime.

  • There has been no official statement from either the US or the Russian side if they are the ones who took action against REvil.

  • In just the past few months, REvil attacked meat processing company JBS, IT firm Kaseya and many more businesses worldwide. It also demanded millions of worth of ransom in Bitcoins to give control of these systems

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