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"White Hat" hacker offered a reward by Poly Network: What you need to know

Hackers behind one of the biggest digital coin heists have now returned nearly all of the $610 million, Poly network said on Thursday.

Poly Network offered the hacker $500,000 and immunity as a reward for returning the money. But the hacker says they are not interested in the reward. Whereas one of the former FBI official said that private companies have not authority to promise immunity from criminal prosecution.

The platform, which was little known before Tuesday's heist, declared the hacker on Twitter as a "white hat," referring to ethical hackers who generally aim to expose cyber vulnerabilities, upon the return of the funds.

Poly network confirmed that the tokens were transferred to a multi-signature wallet controlled by both the platform and the hacker. The only remaining tokens yet to be returned are the $33 million in tether stablecoins frozen earlier in the week by cryptocurrency firm Tether.

The hacker claimed online that he carried out the heist for fun and to encourage cryptocurrency exchange firm Poly network to improve its security.

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