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Why do the US and NATO want to capture Kabul airport?: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: TRT World

1. NATO has announced that it will keep the operation of Kabul airport.

2. The US has announced the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan before September 11. But America is not ready to give up its hard-earned empire so quickly, as this airport is one of strategic importance.

3. Turkey is also ready to operate Kabul airport with the help of Pakistan after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. Erdogan has sought military diplomatic and economic cooperation from the US for this.

4. But the question is, why do America and NATO want to capture this airport?

5. Central Asia's airspace can be monitored through Kabul airport. America can infiltrate, through this airport, Iran, Russia, and China.

6. For this, the US Defense Ministry demanded an airbase from Pakistan in the Baluchistan region, in return the US was ready to restore economic aid to Pakistan. But Imran Khan rejected this offer of America.

7. America feels that if they leave Afghanistan, Russia and China will capture this country. It will be considered America's big defeat in global diplomacy.

8. Turkey's tensions with the US have peaked since taking over the Russian S-400 defense system. The US has also imposed several sanctions on Turkey's defense industries, President Erdogan wants to operate the airport with help of Pakistan (non- NATO) and Hungry so that Pakistan can keep an eye on the Air Missions of India.

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