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Why is US supporting Israel blatantly: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : Al Jazeera, Times Higher Education and The American Prospects
  • For the past two weeks, the world is watching the devastation happening in Israel and Palestine. There have been multiple missiles being fired from both sides over two weeks. One thing that everyone is ‘confused’ about the relative silence of the United States of America on the matter.

  • President Joe Biden has had three conversations with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu this past few days and he has said publicly that Israel has full ‘right to defend itself’. So far in the war, more than 215 Palestinians have lost their lives, including 61 children, and more than 10 Israelis have died, including 2 children.

  • The reason for the US to support Israel and ‘ignore’ the devastation in Palestine is confusing for some. But, if we look at history it becomes why the US has supported Israel not just this time but since its inception in 1948.

  • The Strategic location of Israel, in the oil-rich middle east, seems to be one of the biggest factors. Also, the $735 million arms sale to Israel by the US is hard to ignore.

  • There are a lot of powerful Israeli forces at play in Washington DC which have donated a total of more than $39 million in the 2020 Presidential elections both to Democrats and Republicans.

  • The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is quite powerful in the national capital and has about 20,000 attendees on average in its annual convention. Which also includes some powerful politicians.

  • Lately, many moderate Democrats (including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) have raised their concerns for the inclination the Biden administration has for Israel and how they seem to turn a blind eye to the increasing deaths on the Palestinian side.

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