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WHY it happened in India? : What you need to know

People are dying by the minute in India. Picture: Reuters

The world is watching what is happening in India right now. The second most populous nation in the world is facing the worst of COVID-19 seen anywhere around the globe. Today Marks the 9th consecutive day the country reported more than 300,000 cases of COVID-19. The collapse of the healthcare system, lack of oxygen and medical supplies, shortage of medical professionals are some of the few reasons for the situation. But here are some of the things that might have led to the current situation:

  1. India declared early this year that it has conquered the coronavirus and eased the restrictions put in place.

  2. This happened while the country was still waiting for herd immunity. The vaccination plan that was developed was slow and not aggressive enough considering the population of the country.

  3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other political figures even started doing political rallies which attracted thousands of people mostly without masks and any kind of physical distancing.

  4. The ‘Kumbh Mela’, a Hindu festival was allowed to be organized which attracted thousands of people from around the country. That was considered the super spreader event that eventually led to the situation the country is currently in.

  5. India does not have a well-established healthcare system and that was a ticking time bomb. Any government throughout India’s history has never prioritized enhancing the healthcare system although its population increased exponentially.

  6. There is a severe shortage of resources and people are dying in hospitals due to a lack of oxygen and medical supplies.

There is a severe shortage of Oxygen in the country. Picture: BBC

“There is not a home in Delhi which does not have a COVID-19 patient”, says a resident. “The numbers are now becoming names”. Many countries like UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, and the US have come forward to help with medical supplies. Many countries including Canada and the US have also banned traveled to and from India fearing that it might introduce the COVID variant that is currently circulating in India into their country.

Healthcare system is overwhelmed. Picture: BloombergQuint

Here are the links for some of the fund raisers that have been organized to help India:




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