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Wildfire smoke from Canada visible from space: What you need to know

Western Canada is tackling multiple wildfires which have engulfed acres of land. Firefighters are working non-stop to contain these fires but are unable to do so as of now. Environment Canada has issued a special air quality advisory from the westernmost province of British Columbia to the Eastern province of New Brunswick.

Smoke from the western part of Canada is traveling thousands of miles to the eastern part causing hazy skies and poor air quality. The satellite images show smoke moving from west to east.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provided images where the smoke can be seen traveling in parts of Ontario and is intensifying with time.

Environment Canada has said that inhaling too much of this poor quality air can be harmful to people and senior citizens, children and people with pre-existing conditions are “especially at risk.”

Experts are saying that climate change is one of the biggest factors responsible for the recent heatwave and increasing wildfires in the western part of Canada and the US.

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