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“Women belong in the kitchen” - Burger King: What you need to know

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Burger King
Picture courtesy : Today

Burger King UK caused a frenzy online, when the official UK Twitter handle of the burger chain posted, “Women belong in the kitchen” on International Women’s Day. This was followed by a reply “If they want to, of course”. But, it was too late that netizens called out the company for its misogynistic approach to attract attention. “Why would we delete a tweet that’s drawing attention to a huge lack of female representation in our industry, we thought you’d be on board with this as well?” Burger King tweeted again responding to the backlash and asking to delete the tweet by fellow competitor KFC. Also, the tweet was a follow-up to a full-page ad that the company took out on NY Times today with a similar headline. Burger King has still not apologized for the tweet and insists that this was done to draw attention towards empowerment of the women. Any thoughts?

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