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Zelensky says Russia is planning to attack Odesa, Pope Francis calls for peace in Ukraine

Picture Courtesy: America Magazine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said today that Russia is preparing to bomb Odesa, a strategically important port city on Ukraine's Black Sea coast.

He made a Facebook address saying, “Russian people always used to come to Odesa and they only knew warmth and generosity and what’s now? Artillery, bombs against Odesa. This will be a war crime. This will be a historic crime”.

He further mentioned that Ukrainian people want peace adding, “We are Ukrainians. We need peace. We want peace. And for Russian citizens, it's not only the fight for peace in Ukraine but for your peace and for your freedom. You used to see it. You knew prosperity…If you will be silent now, then only your poverty will speak for you”.

Pope Francis on Sunday also called for peace to be restored in Ukraine. While speaking during the Angelus address from his window on St. Peter’s Square, Francis said that the Vatican is willing to do “everything” it can for peace in Ukraine.

Pope also thanked the journalists who are risking their lives to report the news saying, “Thank you, brothers and sisters, for this service which allows us to be near the drama of the people and to see the cruelty of war.”

So far, at least 1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine. Western intelligence has reported that Russia is planning to increase the pace of the strikes on key population centers, including the capital, Kyiv.

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