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Zuma appeals against his sentence: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: AL Jazeera

1. South Africa's constitutional court has agreed to hear former President Jacob Zuma's challenge to take back an order sentencing him to Jail for 15 months on contempt charges.

2. The former President was given until the end of Sunday to hand himself in, after which police would arrest him, but now the court has agreed on Saturday to hear his application on July 12.

3. In his application, Zuma said going to jail "would put him at the highest risk of death" from the pandemic because he is nearly 80 and has a medical condition.

4. Despite his request, he remains at risk of arrest if he does not meet the deadline of Sunday.

5. Hundreds of his supporters gathered outside his home and made a human chain to prevent police to effect his arrest.

6. The former president was alleged on charges of corruption during his nine years of power and he refused to face the inquiry.

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